PrepaidGiftBalance is one of the most convenient ways to pay for purchases without exceeding your budget. These cards are the same as traditional debit cards in that they are loaded with a certain amount of money (usually between $ 25 and $ 500) that is the maximum limit you can use to make your purchases. PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card and PrepaidGiftBalance MasterCard have been ruling the market since the very first day of their launch in the market.

PrepaidGiftBalance is available as Visa and Mastercard versions and is issued by the National Bank Association of the United States.  It is necessary to note that, these cards are not reloadable or rechargeable and cannot be utilized to withdraw money from ATMs. You can easily get your card from big and famous dealers like Staples, Kroger Supermarkets, or Ralphs.

PrepaidGiftBalance Card Not Working

To monitor your card balance or sign up with PrepaidGiftBalance, you must visit the official website of PrepaidGiftBalance at

If you’re facing¬† any sort of troubles with PrepaidGiftBalance Card, then try performing the following steps:

  • Visit the website and see if is not working only for you or for everyone. If the result is displayed as “inactive”, it is for everyone.
  • After some time, try visiting the website.
  • Visit the official website of the PrepaidGiftBalance at from another browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • If the above solution doesn’t work, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Try visiting the PrepaidGiftBalance on your mobile phone.
  • Also, try to visit the site through the IP proxy. Sometimes, this site doesn’t allow people from outside the United States to access this site.
  • If the problem still continues, kindly reach out to PrepaidGiftBalance customer support.